"Inches to Performance" continued.......
Motivation and Peak Performance is an aspiration of all businesses trying to seek sustained competitive advantage and value generation in pursuit of specific goals. Based on experience gained in professional football coaching, motivation and skills training, the "Inches to Performance" programme enables companies to get the most out of their richest asset - their people.
The senior managements team ability to adapt, lead and act with clarity and positivity will have a direct impact on overall financial performance and the organisation's ability to meet business objectives. This programme is aimed at challenging and engaging individuals to perform at their maximum potential for the benefit of the team and the wider business.
Upon completion of this course delegates would have covered the following:
  • Recognise and understand the meaning and value of motivation.
  • Understand your own style and behaviour and that of other individuals in your team.
  • Undertake critical planning and preparation to ensure the team wins.
  • Work effectively, to overcome disappointment and conflict situations.
  • Develop a basic understanding of how leaders can inspire, influence and persuade effectively.
  • Recognise and avoid the traps of "energy drainers" and "sheep" in your business.
  • Understand and leverage "best ideas", layers of preparation and experience to ensure focus and peak performance.
  • Effectively use verbal and non verbal communication styles to positively influence themselves, peers, colleagues, stakeholders and eventual outcomes
"Elite performers find the way or they make the way"
                       Boris Brown
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