"Inches to Performance"

Linking the football motivational and peak performance techniques to the business world





Football hero Matt Le Tissier has backed this new venture using football training techniques to boost business performance. 

Based on professional football coaching, motivation and skills training, the Inches to Performance programme aims to help companies speed workers' "speed of thought and mental processing"

Individuals, the wider team and the business have to be motivated and galvanised to outperform their competitors in the current economic climate.

These courses are unique, memorable and high energy interacting that has already received backing from both the business and the football world.

"The content is a real eye-opener, delivered brilliantly. It demonstrates how achieving peak performance in professional football and the business world are very similar and how motivational techniques can transfer across from one to the other to gain real performance advantages." Matt Le Tissier

For further information and booking details please email your interest to keith@thefootballgarage.com





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